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Coupè series

Coupè Sport S9

Being part of the “S” (Sport) series, it is a boat that was created to run on water also thanks to the maximum power that can be installed: up to 500 horsepower.
It is a boat for long transfers in total comfort, whether sitting on the bow cushions, which also act as a solarium when stationed at sea …

Coupè S11

Oromarine S11 is in the “watercraft” category due to a homologation length of less than 10 meters.
It is a complete boat, designed for lovers of adrenaline racing making the most of maximum power.

Coupè S11 dINETTE

It is the extreme version of the S11 coupé model, in the dinette version.
The design concepts and the design of the S11 coupé remain the same, but the steering console changes with more aggressive and aerodynamic lines that extend in the front showing sinuous curves …

Coupè S13

It is the model we have dedicated to those who are not satisfied!
Those who choose it have the sensation of sailing aboard a larger boat than it is for approval (11.99 overall length – 9.95 the homologation length) which makes it remain in the “watercraft” category with all the benefits of case.