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OROMARINE is an innovative company that has been able to establish itself over time, nationally and internationally, in the construction and marketing of recreational inflatable boats, distinguishing itself on the market for having achieved high quality and safety standards, establishing itself for lines and quality of its models, the result of an accurate and selected planning and design studio personally supervised by the administrator and founder  Alessandro Orefice.
The passion for the sea and the great experience in the sector give life to the Oromarine brand.
The care we put into proposing our models has given our customers growing satisfaction over the years, the presence in exhibition venues has been able to increase the number of its admirers and customers, especially foreign ones, through the incessant attention to details, both aesthetic and functional, the brilliance of performance, the safety in navigation, the use of materials and technologies avant-garde, post-sales assistance, flexibility in satisfying trends, tastes and needs.
Our models meet the needs of all possible customers, with sizes ranging from 6.50 to 15 meters with the possibility for the C-29 C-35 end C-38 models to have the Cabin version, increased by the Coupè line.
Our inflatable boats can also be used in the presence of high seas as the hulls are designed with deep profiles from bow to stern and this prevents water from entering during the various maneuvers.
Even the less experienced will be conquered by the guide that allows easy governability and our customizable models attract more and more aesthetes with the elegance of the Made in Italy.

We are not interested in numbers but high quality boats …