Autozone Autozone


line C


This RIB can be powered with a pair of 350 horsepower outboards,
with which it expresses all its performance verve, thanks to a hull designed for wide-range navigation, soft on the rough but brilliant when you want to get the most from the adrenaline point of view.


It is the model we have dedicated to those who are not satisfied!
Those who choose it have the feeling of sailing aboard a larger boat than it is for approval (11,99 overall length – 9,95 the homologation length) which makes it remain in the “watercraft” category with all the benefits of the case.


During the day it is a large open inflatable boat designed to accommodate up to 24 people,
which have at their disposal two fixed sundecks (bow and stern) of generous dimensions, to which is added an additional modular sundeck, obtainable by folding down the aft table and adding a special cushion.