Designed for adrenaline racing lovers, making the most of the maximum applicable power.

The sporty line that combines sinuous and sporty lines with on-board comfort and steering console rich in details.

The ideal boats for those who want the experience of a plein air vacation.

A line that expresses strength in performance, thanks to a hull designed for long-range navigation.


The passion for the sea and the great experience in the sector give life to the Oromarine brand.
The attention we put into proposing our models over the years, has given our customers maximum satisfaction.
The assiduous presence at fairs has been able to increase the number of its admirers and customers, especially foreign, through the incessant attention to details, both aesthetic and functional, the brilliance of performance, the safety in navigation, the use of materials and technologies avant-garde, the after-sales assistance, the flexibility in following trends, tastes and needs.

Designed for adrenaline racing lovers, it makes the most of the maximum power provided by a 350 kw bi-motorization.

The 999 Open is the ideal boat for those who want to experience a plein air vacation, during the day it is a wonderful tool for family excursions.

Designed for lovers of sporty lines.
An easy-to-manage inflatable boat that has a deck exploited in every centimeter to ensure comfort for the crew.

Why choose our boats


Accurate and selected design studio.


High quality and safety standards.

Attention to Detail

Harmonizing trends and needs.

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