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0 kw
Maximum Power
0 Mt
Capacity People

However, Oromarine S11 remains in the “watercraft” category due to a homologation length of less than 10 meters.
It is a complete boat, designed for lovers of adrenaline racing, making the most of the maximum applicable power which includes a bi-motorization of 350 outboard horses each. However, the model is also available in sterndrive solution for lovers of “belly” engines.
It has a large driving console with a modern design that can be internally equipped with two benches, an electric marine toilet and a ladder that allows easy access.
It is equipped with a windshield that protects the driver from the wind. The seat can be raised to improve posture while standing.
The color of the tubulars can be customized according to preferences.
At the stern, depending on the engine installed, you can have either two platforms, one with a ladder or a single platform with a retractable ladder.
Convenient two-burner kitchenette that can be obtained behind the pilot’s seat in addition to the standard sink.
The stern awning disappears sideways to the sundeck, without causing discomfort.
The autonomy on board is guaranteed by a fuel system with tanks of a total of 510 liters.
Both sundecks can also be used during navigation without transforming anything and if desired, the stern locker becomes a cabin with 5 beds!


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