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C-38 W.a

Maximum Power
0 kw
0 Mt
Capacity People

We have dedicated this model to those whoare not content!
Those who chooseit have the sensation of sailing on board a boat thatis larger than the homologation is (12.45 m. the overall length – 9.95m. the homologation lenght) that makesit remainin the Italian category “boat” with all the benefits of case.
By day it is a large open boat designed to accommodateupto 24 people, who haveat their disposal two fixed sunbathing (bow and stern) of generoussize, to which is added an additional sectional sundeck, obtainable with the conversion of the table and the addition of a special cushion.
But it is certainly at night that the C-38 W.a changeits configuration. In console for example, which is accessed by a front door, just add a floorin the center of two standard benches with its pillow, and you will get a double bed. All completed by porthole, shower, marine WC and dunnagein Iroko. On the stern sunbathing, by mountinga specialtent, it’s possible to have a bed-cabin for three more people. The whole is complemented by a cooking corner that can be obtained behind the piloting seat, which can be completed with burners and 67 liters fridges.
The console is spacious and ergonomic to handle the entire boat, the engine can be either outboard (2 x 400 horsepower) or sterndrive for a total of 800 hp installable, even if it
takes less “cavalry” to get performances that fully satisfy lovers of speed.

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