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0 kw
Maximum Power
0 Mt
Capacity People

Sporty coupé
It is the extreme version of the S11 coupé model, in the dinette version.
The design concepts and design of the S11 coupé remain basic on this new version, but the steering console changes, which now features more aggressive lines that extend in the front, showing sinuous and aerodynamic curves, with wraparound windshield and all instrumentation. under control.
The hull is the same as the Sport model, a living work whose performance is consolidated, and also in this case the engine can be provided with two outboards up to the maximum competition of 700 horsepower or EFB.
We remind you that being classified as “watercraft” does not require registration and that even with less power than the maximum you can reach truly remarkable top speeds.
(over 54 knots with 2×300 HP) in extreme safety for the whole crew.
But the S11 Coupè is not a R.I.B. suitable only for those who love “running on water”. In fact, the 2 fixed sundecks on board (bow and stern), the modular dinette at the stern, the presence of the sink that can be integrated with the kitchen and refrigerator and the cabin with internal toilet and two benches, also identify the boat as a model intended for family use, to be used for daily trips, or by providing a 3-seater cabin aft, for nautical camping.
Customizable colors and retractable sun awning offer above-average completeness of furniture.


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