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999 open

Maximum Power
0 kw
0 Mt
Capacity People

It shares with the CABIN version the top of the TOP CLASS range, first born in the OROMARINE production. It is a fully-fledged open RIB while having an internal console room that can be equipped as a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. For lovers of nautical camping there is an aft cabin that exploits the capacity of the large cove, transforming it into a bed for three people.

The 999 Open is a “boat” in all respects and can be powered either with a pair of outboards up to 700 horsepower overall, or with sterndrive, petrol or diesel. The hull, deep with forward bow wheel, is soft in the impact with the waves faced with a full keel, but at the same time the hydro flap skids it is equipped with shorten the time of entry into planing and improve support, also reducing friction and consequent fuel consumption. On deck, behind the pilot seat, a sink is available as standard but, alongside it, it is also possible to install a pair of burners to create a kitchen, which can be completed with refrigerators (built-in or drawer). The electric winch is standard and also includes the chain, the anchor and a remote control for its remote control. There are two solarium areas. At the bow, the closed cell cushions surmount the raised lockers, while at the stern they overlook the large cove which, with the outboards, becomes a hold of great containment capacity or, as mentioned, a sleeping area.

TOP CLASS 999 open