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sport S-78

Maximum Power
0 kw
0 Mt
Capacity People

The S78 model is a boat whose measures allow a wide range use of the vehicle. Although there is no cabin with the S78, it is possible to practice nautical camping using a special optional tent that is mounted in the bow. It is the classic open on which the spaces are best exploited to experience the hull by day, taking advantage of the seats and the solarium at the bow, but also being able to count on a similar situation at the stern, with the modular dinette that thanks to the removable table easily transforms from a living room into a dining area or even into an added sundeck, in this case completely knocking down the table.

The lockers are well distributed and spacious to contain everything you need to navigate or spend holidays in total freedom. The fiberglass bow bridge accommodates the retractable bollards and is designed to receive the optional electric winch. At the stern, on the other hand, the platforms protrude from the shape of the tubulars and one of them supports the swim ladder. Behind the leaning post, which facilitates standing driving, it is possible to have a sink and an additional 42-liter refrigerator. The driving console is central, wrapped around the windshield and equipped with a 10-switch check panel and footrest. In the center it is possible to install a 5 ”electronic device. The engine can be single or double, up to a maximum competition of 300 horsepower.

Line sport S-78